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Editing & Writing Services

I take great pride in my authors, and I want to see them do well at whatever they have undertaken. I try to keep my rates reasonable. Moreover, as an old soldier, I offer significant discounts to members of the Uniformed Services, to include our allies, and to individuals who work in the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security.

I have been a technical editor and copy editor for almost fifteen years. I have worked at the level of the Secretary General of NATO, I have worked at the level of a small-town volunteer fire department, and I have worked at various levels in between. No matter the level, I enjoy the editorial role. I find that it is far easier to be a critic than it is to actually do something or create something.


I take this work seriously. Editing, in particular, requires tremendous attention to detail. I do not want to shortchange an author. If I already have one or two jobs on my desk, I will probably not be available until one of those jobs is finished. I am simply not smart enough to pay attention to that many details at the same time.

Academic papers:

I am more than happy to help a graduate student or a doctoral candidate “clean up” a thesis or a dissertation. Beyond that, however, I will not intrude between students and their instructors in regular class work. I hate to say this, but I will not work on a class-assigned paper unless I have a “note from the teacher.”

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